We end the season at the Mission Dolores in San Francisco.  It's a real homecoming, since the first ever Chanticleer concert was held in the old mission ( the white building beyond the Basilica.)  AND a homecoming to our roots in early music.  There are quite a few people who still think of us as an early music group - or who, at least, like it lots better when we sing early music.  The basis of our technique and our ability to sing all styles is really rooted there. The place was packed with a highly enthusiastic audience. Although we've got a few miles to go before the season really ends (the Ethnic Dance Festival here on Friday, then China next week), this was, in a way, the end of the road for Dylan and Gabe, both of them retiring this year.

We'll miss the particular soprano sound Dylan contributed to the ensemble. Alan will need a new cribbage/chess/biking partner on the road. Kathy Henschel-who has known Chanticleer since the beginning and will soon be our Board Chairman and a companion on our trip to China- wishes him well.

Gabe and his wife are going back to Kansas. Everyone in the company will miss his funny faces, and his merchandise mastery, and "Journey to Recife" will never be the same!

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