Hot muggy gray. Very hot. Gregory contributes this as probably the best way of dealing with Shanghai in June... if we could, we would.  Leaving soon for our event at Shanghai Normal University followed by Conservatory.  Patrons leaving at 7.45am for ribbon cutting with Mayor Newsom at Urban Best Practices Pavilion, followed by China and US Pavilions, then they will join us at the Conservatory.  They have dinner at the Yung Foo Elite Club ( where we went last year) with Matt and some faculty members from the Conservatory, while we have the evening off!  Perhaps somebody will brave Expo in the evening.  Ben and Adam were
very enterprising yesterday and walked to the Bund, went up the radio tower, did tourist things. .  As it was a Chinese holiday it was packed - and full of energy.  Eric fulfilled his long cherished mission of having a tailor replace the winter coat which has accompanied him for 20 years of Chanticleer tours - they went and picked out some nice cashmere and a double happiness lining.  We'll show it to you when he gets it.