Eric took the opportunity today to go up to see the mountains from a ski station at 2000m with Samuel and Toby - who are native speakers of Ladin, a language spoken here along with Italian and German. Samuel -the director of several choirs here who has brought his choirs to see us in various surrounding countries- has turned us on to a Christmas song in Ladin - so wait for it! The scenery is spectacular, as you can see, and our corner of Italy - although very cold and windy- is not buried in snow. The ski stations are packed so we were unable to stay any closer than Brixen, a 40 minute drive from Selva where we sang "Divine Love." It was a beautiful drive up. In the middle of the third picture down you can see one of the fantastic frozen fountains which are a beautiful color of blue and lit from the inside. We had a last Italian meal of pizza and pasta and other good things and were slightly delayed in going on to warm-up by the suggestion of Tartufo Affogato... It was something like -15C when we arrived for warmup. The audience arrived bundled up and never had to take off their jackets, scarves, or in some cases hats during the show. ( Reminding us of Eindhoven a week or so ago) The acoustic was warm and easy, the public very concentrated and appreciative. They especially liked Casey's few remarks in Ladin, as well as Italian, and Eric's in German. It was probably -20 and a bit windy when we left to go back to Brixen. Tomorrow is one of those days which happens every so often in the 'you can't get there from here vein.' Two bus rides, two plane flights separated by a 4 hour or so layover, and we should arrive around 2am in Pamplona for our last concert of this tour.