LAB 5 is now in the performing part of its session singing their program "International Song"  on a mini-tour punctuated by educational events - kind of like us!  Saturday night they were in a historic corner of San Francisco, Chanticleer-wise, at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church.

In the background here is the Mission Dolores, where Chanticleer's first concert was given in l978.  The green church in the foreground is St. Matthew's Lutheran where we rehearsed for many many years - the office was even there early on. Pretty soon the office had to be moved, but we continued to rehearse there until a few years ago when combined rehearsal and office space became available in the Girls Chorus' new building.  It's a very nostalgic place for us.  

LAB warms up downstairs  in what was our rehearsal room all those years.  We we also had board meetings, receptions, and auditions there.

LAB's 'touring program'  is a fun collection of songs from all over the world from the Renaissance to Latin American music of the present in about 7 languages. They get better and better  especially now that 80% of the participants in  any given LAB session will have done one before.

Vance George - Music Director Emeritus of the SF Symphony Chorus and LAB Choir's advisor came, was very pleased with their progress and offered helpful notes.  Chanticleer baritone Matthew Knickman came along as well.

Meet and greet, Chanticleer style follows the concert.

LAB performed at our high school Youth Choral Festival last Monday.  7 of them helped out and sang with the students at the middle school festival on Friday.  On Tuesday they will be appearing at Cleveland and Lincoln Elementary Schools in Oakland and doing an exchange with Nova ( of the Cantara Children's Choir) in their capacity as Chanticleer's In-School Ambassadors.  Then next weekend their tour continues at St. Timothy's in Danville at 2.30pm on Saturday, and Sunday October 30 in San Francisco at First Church of Christ Scientist at 5.30pm.  If any of them ever joins Chanticleer, they'll be ready for our schedule!

We're heading out on Monday for Edmond, Oklahoma, Hunstville, Alabama ( this replaces the performance last spring which had to be cancelled because of the storms), Tennessee and Texas.  Then Kansas.  After that it will be all Christmas all the time!