In the spirit of the holiday season, LAB 7 gave the gift of song  to Bacich Elementary School in Kentfield this morning.   We congratulate LAB for taking on 250 k-4th graders!!!  Kim Chase, head of the PTA and performing arts coordinator for the school treated LAB 7 to lunch at CPK, and made a contribution to Chanticleer on the spot.  She was thanked with a few extra songs which the other patrons were able to enjoy too - the manager, a Chanticleer fan- turned down the Muzak for it.   Sounds like a very good day for LAB 7. 

LAB 7 gave a concert this morning at Bacich Elementary School in Kentfield, where about 250 K-4th graders sat enthralled. After a quick introductory song, we did a group warm-up to include the kids. How great a sound it was! With so many young voices singing well, that alone was worth the trip. We proceeded with our eclectic song set: a Russian folk song (Veniki), a Chanticleer composer competition winner (She Walks in Beauty by Eric Barnum), and a jazzy version of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Then the elementary students got to ask questions...some really great ones, like "What inspires you to sing?" Here's my answer: Singing is simply fun and natural. It's such a part of me that to stop would be like severing a limb. When I sing it tends to make me feel connected with myself and other people. In that way, singing has the power to heal. I'm inspired when I hear other people sing. I'm inspired when I get to sing with other people. And I'm inspired when I get to share my singing with other people, to communicate deeper than words alone can express. Getting to watch the LAB Choir grow, achieve great musical moments, and derive so much joy in sharing music with the next generation...that inspires me to keep the singing tradition alive.