LAB 7 started the day early at Sequoia High School in Redwood City, where we had a choral exchange and impromptu clinic. Their choir director, Othello Jefferson, is a good colleague who has brought choirs to the Chanticleer Youth Choral Festival in the past. He's started a fairly new program at Sequoia, so it was fun for us to share some styles of music new to them. Bruce and I pinch-hit announcing pieces and engaging the students in dialogue. The Sequoia singers performed a fantastic rendition of Bonse Aba for us! The next stop for LAB 7's in-school day was at the Menlo School, where one of our sopranos goes to school. We sang for each other (they also did Bonse Aba!), they hosted us for lunch, and then we sang in their ballroom area just to enjoy the acoustic.

We finished our day at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette. The energetic and remarkably expressive choir at Stanley showed us some student-led warm-ups and two songs they're currently preparing for concert. During our question and answer session, our resident countertenor was able to demonstrate his range for the boys whose voices are currently changing.

All in all, it was a good, full day of singing!