The Louis A. Botto ( LAB Choir) -whose motto on their t-shirts is "We Mean Business"  really does mean business!  After ten rehearsals, their  concert season began last Thursday with an all day in school visit to Santa Rosa High School.  Given that LC3 members come from all over, there were quite a few logistics involved.  Here's some video of their very first public performance ever -  at 9am singing Exultate justi in domino by Padilla. Here are Ben's thoughts on the day:

Yesterday went exceedingly well.  I arrived a little early and got to warm up by singing bass with the Santa Rosa HS Chamber Singers (they meet before school...around 7am!).  Since the LAB call time was 8:20am, a few Santa Rosa LABsters hosted a stay over the night before for those trekking from afar.   Santa Rosa HS is lucky to have an arts magnet component called ArtQuest, to have a gorgeous auditorium, and to have 2 very talented and accommodating choral directors (Kira Bombace and Jennifer Fulkerson).  We were well taken care of.  Getting to perform in that auditorium is an experience I won't forget!

To kick things off, we sang Mrs. Bombace's arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner.  Then we began our marathon of 5 concerts for about 1500 SRHS students.  We were able to relate music history to history classes, jazz instrumentation to band classes, word cognates to language classes, and introduce Renaissance and Baroque musical style to a young pop-savvy generation.  I hear we made people cry at our rendition of Cells Planets.  One of our soloists was able to sign (using American Sign Language) the whole song for the hearing impaired...pretty powerful stuff!

All told, the LAB 3 debut was a huge success. Congrats to LAB 3 singers! - Ben

Because a bass was sick, Ben sang with LC3 on Duke Ellington's "Creole Love Call."  (That's him in the hat...he had warmed up at 7am with the Santa Rosa High School Chamber Singers)  Headgear below is for "Teddy Bears' Picnic."

You can see that this is a group which loves singing, and loves singing together!  Great going!  They also have Erika Lloyd's "Cells Planets" in their repertoire - we will sing it with them at our Gala at the Bentley Reserve on March l8.   Meanwhile they have another in-school visit at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette on March l, followed by a noon concert at Rossmoor on March 5.  On Sunday March 6 at 4pm they will give their only concert open to the public at First Church of Christ Scientist, 1700 Franklin Street, San Francisco. They're almost as busy as we are!  

We're heading today for Provo, Utah for a concert tomorrow night at the BYU Harris Fine Arts Center.  Matt Oltman will be giving a masterclass to the BYU Men's Choir in the afternoon.  After that we'll be in Grand Rapids and Traverse City, MI, South Bend, IN, and Danville KY on our way to the ACDA National Convention in Chicago.