LAB Choir 3 will give a performance open to the public on Sunday afternoon March 6 at 4pm at Christ Scientist, 1700 Franklin Street in San Francisco.  We're proud that they've been featured on SFClassical Voice's "Kids Around the Bay" feature.

We're on our way to Grand Rapids Michigan from Provo, Utah where we performed last night at Brigham Young University - home of a great choral tradition, and therefore a really enjoyable place to sing.

You all know that our guide for all things culinary is Eric, who has eaten his way around the world and back during his 21 years in Chanticleer.  Upon arriving in Provo the other night he spied a highly awarded restaurant called the Copper Onion which serves Kobe beef.  Presuming that if they could serve Kobe beef they would serve good bone marrow, he introduced some of us to it for the first time.  Eric's thinking that he's made a convert in Alan and they can go looking for bone marrow everywhere we go.  We'll follow this story especially on our August European tour.