We're home in SF now, readying for our next Bay Area set ( "The Boy Whose Father Was God") preceded by our Gala on Friday night when we will get to perform with LAB CHOIR 3.  They've been busy, as Ben writes:

LAB 3 has now completed 10 of their 12 concerts.  The only ones remaining are Chanticleer's Gala this Friday and the shared event with the McBride Irish Dance School on March 20.

The photos here are from our concert at Salem Lutheran Home last night.  We had a delightful audience, with an exclamation of "You go boy!" during one of the Creole Love Call solos and a speech of appreciation from one of the residents (a former chairperson on the city council for the disabled who praised our use of sign language) following the concert.  It's easy to sustain high energy during a performance with such enthusiastic listeners!

And on Wednesday last week we performed for the choir and orchestra classes at Washington High School.  After talking about what it takes to be in the LAB choir during the concert, 6 students opted to audition that day.  LAB 4 starts on March 26.  Maybe that had something to do with the sudden burst of auditions.  At any rate, it's great to see the LAB project building momentum -Ben