LAB Choir 3's last  appearance together was last Sunday - after their triumphant Friday appearance at our Gala.   With scarcely a moment to recover from that a half dozen or so of them came today for the first session of  LAB 4 - the last group of the year. Good Grief! That's dedication!  2 LAB 4 members have been in every single session of the LAB Choir starting with  the first one which assembled last March to be part of our National Youth Choral Festival, and some have returned from LAB 2 which was active in the fall.   AND there are a handful of new ones.   

First business of the day is to decide ( by nomination and vote) on singers who will take care of certain responsibilities:  tour management,  social matters, operating the video camera and snacks!  Enthusiastic and, no doubt, well-qualified  candidates accepted each of these roles, and then they got down to singing.

9 of the singers are from the Santa Rosa area including Santa Rosa High School and Junior College, and Analy High school, 4 are from the Davis area mostly from Davis High School, 4 from Concord High School, 1 from Acalanes in Lafayette.Obviously their commitment to this activity involves a lot of transportation and parental support!