LAB Choir Director Ben Johns writes about last Saturdays' rehearsal and performances coming up on October 22 ( Chanticleer's Youth Choral Festival, First Unitarian Church, San Francisco), 23 ( the Martin Luther Tower at O'Farrell and Geary in San Francisco) and October 30 (the Berkeley Public Library at Kittredge and Shattuck):

The LAB Choir is just a few weeks away from their official debut and things are really starting to cook. After recounting some great musical moments from last weekend's Chanticleer's concerts, we practiced singing out hearts out...outside. One of our performances in a few weeks will be outdoors at the Berkeley Library. This is guerrilla choralism - the kind of singing that doesn't even need a concert hall - and the LAB Choir was made for it. We're far too enthusiastic about sharing song!

Also on the agenda for today's rehearsal: Kalinda by Haitian born composer (now based in Los Angeles), Sydney Guillaume. Kalinda will be one of the combined choir pieces for Chanticleer's Youth Choral Festival on Oct. 22.
Here's a preview sample of LAB rehearsing the last half of the piece...something we've fondly named "the jam session."

Granted, we're not perfect...yet :). We've only been practicing for one month and we really look forward to our first performances. If you're in town on the 23rd in San Francisco ( at 6.30pm) or 30th at noon in Berkeley, please join us. The concerts are free!


Click here to listen to the LAB Choir: HERE



Meanwhile we've been in Muncie, Indiana  at Ball State where Jace was educated (clearly they're very proud of him, he was presented a proclamation and a lamp after the performance), Columbus (click to read review)and Steubenville, Ohio, and today we're in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania for a master class at the Knoch School with four choirs under the direction of Michael Sypian, a Chanticleer in Sonoma alum.





Knoch High School in the rain...

 Folks seem to be enjoying "Out of this World" and the fact that they can now download it later, or buy a CD at the concert.  Continuing our first tour of the season, we'll have been in Galesburg, Illinois, Houghton New York, and Ramsey, New Jersey by week's end.