We're going to try something new in August which will help potential LAB Choir singers attain the skills necessary for LAB, or improve their skills if they're at a higher level.  Skills LAB happens for 7 days in August (6th, and 8th-13th) at the Kanbar Center in San Francisco.  The workshop is for singers aged 14-20 who wish to beef up their musicianship skills for the next year of choral singing.  We offer classes in sight-singing, music theory, music history, "how to audition," conducting, solo voice technique, IPA and diction, and work in a variety of small and large ensembles singing challenging choral music.  Ben is now taking registrations, so hurry!!

This is the tail end of choral festival season as schools (and students) have graduation in sight.  For us, that means plenty of workshops for school choirs working to polish performances.  Since January, Matthew Oltman, the 12 gentlemen of Chanticleer, and I have worked with just over 4,700 students in master class situations...and school's not out yet :).

Since the application deadline for our new Summer Skills LAB is this weekend, I've also been auditioning students as I visit Bay Area schools.  Last Thursday in Santa Rosa, I heard 13 singers, and today I accepted 12 more from San Ramon (during lunch, you'll never guess what they were playing over the sound system in the choir room...."Cells Planets" :).  Tomorrow, a young college student in Virginia will be auditioning via Skype! To date, about 50 singers have auditioned for this summer program who previously haven't participated in the LAB Choir.

This weekend, LAB 4 will try a rehearsal in the Davis area.  Four of our members have been trekking to San Francisco from Davis all these weekends, we figured it was time to go to them for a change.  And, yes, there will be a few more last-minute auditions for Skills LAB there as well.

Best of luck to all the choirs heading into Spring concerts, competitions, and festivals.  For the 4,700 of you who have seen us fairly recently, thanks for allowing us to come out and play!