Yesterday LAB choir did a whole day around Santa Rosa to the North of us, starting at 8.00am at Montgomery High School, going on to Hidden Valley Elementary, then Summerfield Waldorf, and ending the day performing for the SF Symphony Marin League.  Ben writes:

The photo below is from Hidden Valley Elementary, where we sang for about 300 K-6th graders.  LAB sang really well all day.  Had a good choral exchange with Montgomery High School and endouraged them to come to Skills/LAB in August.  Both their chamber and concert choir sang for us.  For our last concert - for the Marin League of the SF Symphony - the audience asked so many interested and interesting questions that we nearly doubled the expected concert length.


Meanwhile we ( Chanticleer) are in rehearsal for our Mission Road concert. Professor Craig Russell ( who exhumes this music in Mexico)  and prepares it for us started us of with an illustrated lecture about the music and its origins, and put us in the mood to be back in the missions.

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