We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope you are too.  We leave LaCrosse, Wisconsin after our very enjoyable Youth Choral Festival yesterday to fly to Chicago, and then to St. Louis.  As you know, flying through Chicago in the last few days has been impossible, Amtrak had cancelled all its trains, and highways were closed.   We're heading towards our annual appearance in the Cathedral Basilicaa of St. Louis to perform an program of sacred and spiritual music - always a great experience and not to be missed.  As we head off, we leave you with this picture (it was on the wall in the lobby) of Matt Curtis playing his magic flute  as Tamino  at Viterbo where we were for the last few days, and, below the slightly older but very same  Matt leading the warmups at the Youth Choral Festival in which his high school alma mater participated in a group of about 400 students from 6 schools.

 Matt Curtis featured in coverage of our Youth Choral Festival yesterday