It would have been nice to stay in Chicago and enjoy all the appreciation being offered us for our interest session and concerts yesterday.  Our surprises seem to have been a big hit; we certainly liked to see this:

Hinshaw said that music for Cells Planets was flying off their tables.  We sure hope that means that lots of students will be singing it soon.   We love going to ACDA - so many friends and colleagues AND seeing  students we have worked with all over the country.

But we had to go for our short flight to Cincinnati as a gentle snow started.  We were packed into our plane when the announcement came on:  we had a weight/balance problem due to the weight of the baggage.  We felt guilty -for sure it was our baggage ( including the CD cases) that were weighing us down.  We were asked to move our jackets and coats out of the overhead and put them around our feet to rectify the balance problem.  Gosh, if  moving Eric's new winter coat to the floor can make the difference and allow us to fly...that was slightly nerve-wracking but actually less so than arriving on the stage of Symphony Hall in Chicago last night for our singing and dancing, and finding our dots gone!  We're still recovering from that excitement.

When we were asked at auditions what we DIDN'T like about being in Chanticleer, Adam's response was: the rental car shuttle.  Here you see that that feature of our lives is about to happen.

We do what we have to

Now we're safe and sound out of the snow in our hotel room in Cincinnati, looking forward to our annual performance at St. Peter in Chains.