Berkeley's First Congregational Church was completely sold-out, packed last night with people who seemed to be of very good cheer.  The energy level was no doubt enhanced by the presence and enthusiasm of 45 members of the Napa High School Chamber Choir with their director Travis Rogers on a busman's holiday from their 29 Christmas appearances. This is the choir which participated in our Youth Choral Festival in October. They're always so classy looking and we're always happy to see them.


First Congregational is a very friendly space with a lobby which encourages the audience to spend a little more time with us after the concert.

Kory Reid, our newest soprano, is a graduate of Napa High School and sang with the Chamber Choir who are evidently proud of him!

Tonight we will make our last trek across the Bay Bridge on this Christmas tour, to sing at the Livermore Performing Arts Center.

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