People come from close-by on the Monterey Peninsula but also from considerable distances to attend our Christmas concert at the Carmel Mission because of its beauty and intimacy. The rain we had been warned of did not materialize - the mission was in a rather Hitchockian gloom, but it was actually kind of balmy. We care about this because our church audiences usually have nowhere to wait, so it's nice for it not to be raining. This year also, the Mission is under renovation and we had a long walk from our dressing building to the church, so that was another reason to be grateful for the lack of rain. The scaffolding was banging in the wind during the performance which made us wonder for a moment if the announced end of the world was arriving in Carmel, but that was apparently not the case. By the time we get to Carmel it's very close to Christmas creating an especially warm and festive atmosphere which we appreciate a lot - it lets us know that we're pretty close to our own celebrations with family and friends in various places around the country.