Close to 150 choral singers came to Cork from many places in Ireland, including Dublin, Limerick, Waterford, Clare, among others to spend several hours with us in the Cork Opera House. We worked on and sang three numbers together, finishing with "Sit Down Servant," and introducing ( to most people) Biebl's "Ave Maria." Two choirs directed by Colm O'Regan - the Carrigaline Choral Group (hosts of our visit to Cork) and Voci Nuove- then sang and we offered up some comments. Tomorrow, we meet the Lord Mayor for the second time - the first having been the unscheduled path-crossing upon our arrival today, have lunch, and sing the last concert of this long and very successful tour. Several of us have plans to go at 8am to kiss the Blarney Stone at the Castle; we'll let you know if that happens. The cold rain which began while we were in the opera house tonight may well continue.