Adam got a laugh out of Lowell High School in their morning individual clinic.

After lunch there were elective classes on specific subjects for which the students had signed up before they came. After that there were some individual clinics given by us, a stage deportment class given by Ben, and a rehearsal of the Honor Choir. Then, Zheng Cao came to help us with our Chinese in the piece by Yi-Wen Chang ( who spoke to us via video.)
After dinner rehearsal included Daniel-Lesur's "Annonciation" - with Christian Lesur, son of the composer, in attendance. He had arrived this afternoon from Paris. Michael McGlynn appeared from his bathroom in Ireland (that's where he said he was presumably to avoid waking up his family) thanks to Skype, to hear his piece and talk to us about the Irish language, the rhythms, and the relationship of the soloists and the chorus.
We all went home at l0pm and will be back tomorrow morning at 9.