Beautiful Hong Kong harbor from the famous Star Ferry going from Kowloon (where our hotel is) to Hong Kong. We've loved it here - we wouldn't mind coming back and many of our audience members said they'd like that too!

We made the best of our short time here today - taking the Star Ferry, going up Victoria Peak, eating local delicacies, generally soaking up local color, and picking up our new suits.

The Sha Tin Town Hall's Auditorium was the site of our Hong Kong concert.

We enjoy the standing ovation at the end of the concert. Lovely hall, great audience!

Warner Classics had organized CD sales - the autograph table attracted quite a crowd, including some of the singers we had seen in the workshop last night, lots of young people, and some very cute kids.

It's been an intense and amazing tour and it's hard to believe that this was our last show. It felt like a very successful venture and- we'll say it again- we felt that we barely scratched the surface and we'll be more than happy to come back to this part of the world again if we get invited. Many thanks to Catherine Hsu and Pei-Wen Zhao for organizing the tour and taking such good care of us. And thanks to you blog-readers for following us along. Hope you got that we had a great time! We'll fly back to San Francisco tomorrow arriving before we left and picking up the day we lost on the way over. We'll next be seen at our Annual Gala next Friday ready to share our China stories with any of you who may be there. See you....