Wonderful evening at the First-Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln, Nebraska - the audience loaded with friends and family and Students and teacher from Hesston College...faithful attendees at Chanticleer in Sonoma, our biannual  summer workshop for adult choral singers.

Gabe's family

Michael's family and former teachers

We're nearing the end of our last stateside tour for this season. Tomorrow we drive over to Omaha for a concert in St. Cecilia Cathedral. The day after that will no doubt bend our minds as we travel from Omaha, Nebraska to Malibu, California for a performance and masterclass at Pepperdine University. Santa Barbara on Friday and Saturday will wrap it up for this year. Of course there's our annual Gala, our last Bay Area concert set "For Thy Soul's Salvation," and, oh yes, Shanghai coming up, but more about all that soon!