It was a fun party Friday night - our annual Gala with a couple hundred of our friends.  This year, we honored Eric's 20th anniversary with Chanticleer with the help of Ann Meier Baker, Executive Director of Chorus America (pictured with Eric above) and Vance George - Music Director Emeritus of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus.  Ann very kindly said that while there are hundreds of thousands of choruses all over America, there is only one Chanticleer.   Vance and Eric have known each other for over 20 years. When Eric auditioned for the Symphony Chorus, Vance didn't have a professional position available to offer him... and the rest is Chanticleer history. The Bently Reserve ( the former Federal Reserve Bank) is a good place for a party with those great old bank acoustics - we sang Straight Street to get things started, then the Lord's Prayer by John Shepapard from our new Tudor program "For Thy Soul's Salvation" (opening next week) then Wade in the Water ( one of Eric's great vocal  moments.)  We all put on mustaches for El Manisero, then we ended with Summertime... Before the encore Matt bid our official farewells to Dylan and Gabe who are both retiring from the ensemble at the end of the season, and we did Journey to Recife - in which Gabe has been solo-ing ..well.. since he got here.  Now back to the Queens and Kings of England.