Actually 2am when we got to the hotel in Moscow, having been delayed for an hour waiting for Gregory's second bag which is still in Frankfurt. The one with his concert clothes in it, of course. We left Prague under a light snow, flew through Frankfort to Moscow, losing 3 hours - and arriving in Moscow under a light snow. The trip was uneventful, and we whiled away our airport time as usual - Alan playing chess with total strangers, Marques figuring out the 3 of 4 currencies we will have dealt with in 5 days ( florints, koruna, euros, and rubles,) general conversation and communicating with people far away. Arriving in the Moscow airport was definitely to arrive in a very different world. Our friend Elena Sharkova ( who comes from St. Petersburg) is here and will lead sightseeing tomorrow before our performance tomorrow night in Svetlanov Hall in the International House of Music which is next door to our hotel. It's our first time here, and we're so excited to meet a Russian audience for the first time.






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