We're in Atlanta ( actually Morrow) Georgia and there's a Dogwood Festival tomorrow! This is the back side of Spivey Hall, opened in l990, as a result of the dream and the generosity of Emilie Spivey. Mrs. Spivey, said Robert Shaw ( who had a choral program here,) had the 'gift of thinking small' and she built a 392 seat acoustical gem on the campus of Clayton State University.

By the way, nice review from the New York Times for the other night. Something about 'remarkable elegance and fluidity...':


You don't see swans from the lobby of too many theaters.

The entrance of Spivey Hall. We'll do two performances this time - "Wondrous Free" tonight, and an all-sacred program Saturday night.

Matt in the lobby - delighted to be back. We were also very happy with the afternoon's workshop at Starr's Mill High School with their men's ensemble and men's ensembles from Sandy Creek High School and McIntosh High School. Three good groups!

Spivey receives the greatest artists in the world whose autographs all attest to the pleasure of performing here.

It's always good to commune with the performers who have been here before us.

Most halls favor some sounds more than others-sometimes the high voices, sometimes the low ones. As Todd said at warmup, Spivey favors everything.

Brian's parents came over for the Saturday concert.

There's never a shortage of people who want to hear whether Eric's speaking voice is as low as his singing voice.

Likewise, Michael's always happy to answer questions about the counter tenor voice.