Quite a day yesterday, as we returned after 7 years to the beautiful Mosel wine region of Germany for a concert in Kloster Machern.We left Nieder-Olm at noon, made a lunch stop at Burger King in order to use up a bit of time hoping that our rooms would be ready when we got to our hotel. They were, and we had 15 minutes to turn around and get to warmup- this was a 5pm concert- a radical departure from a series of concerts starting officially at 9pm, and actually ususally a bit later. Ben's wife called while we were on the bus to report on the earthquake in Napa which is where Kory lives. At our sold-out concert were 5 young men who form an ensemble called Ensemble Nobiles here in Germany. They had had their own concert here and stayed on for ours. We had a moment of Mendelssohn together at a wine reception after the concert. Again, as always in Germany, many fans who have seen dozens of concerts each. A jam-packed and very enjoyable day.