An afternoon concert in Trier, where we debut our second program "Divine Love" featuring music by Part, Mahler, Hopkins, Whitacre, Sandstrom Lesur, de Vivanco and others and suitable for presenters who want an all-sacred music concert.  This was a return to the Mosel Muskfestival where we last were- in Kloster Machern- in 2008.

We entered Trier past a magnificent reminder of its Roman past.  Our bus driver has kindly offered to take us back there tomorrow for some sightseeing

The relatively small size of the CD table didn't prevent us from setting a sales record for this tour so far

Warm up and preparation for the radio recording - and a few minutes to appreciate the sumptuous surroundings.

Those statues aren't quite what they seem, if you view them from the back

The concert went off very well evoking many curtain calls and 3 encores ( Biebl's Ave Maria lest we forget Christmas past and future), All Night All Day and Straight Street. As Eric points out, from vast experience over his 21 years and many tours in Germany,  if you start singing gospel, German audiences will try very hard to get more... and more.

Judy from Georgia, who lives in Germany and turns up every time we come, was her usual charming and welcoming self.  It's good to see old friends of Chanticleer as we go along.  This audience was full of Chanticleer experts who knew the complete discography (because they have it) and the dates of our next appearances in Europe.

Day off tomorrow, then we pick up the pace a bit, traveling to Kiedrich and singing on Tuesday, then an all day ride to Austria, then Tiffen, Austria and Brixen, Italy on Thursday and Friday.  Perhaps the sun will come out as we go further south.