This was our destination today - the Cathedral in Brixen/Bressano in Italy - where German and Italian are both spoken.  Casey and Eric gave our final salutations to the audience after "Divine Love" in both languages, which seemed to be appreciated.  But we're getting ahead of ourselves.

We followed the Dau River from Villach towards Italy.  There was spectacularness everywhere.  At our 'rest and hopefully a bit of food' stop we happened into a place which seemed to be dedicated to everything sweet you could do with hazelnuts - cookies, candy,  coffee and strudel - but no actual food.  It was obviously a destination for people with children and/or on bikes.

Some avoided the sugar in favor of exercise

Something we appreciate when it happens is being able to walk from our hotel to the concert venue - in this case it was 10 minutes along a lovely river

A look at the cathedral - which in size is at the other end of the spectrum from last night's intimate little church in Tiffen

By the courtyard up to our dressing room

This festival is called Music and Church - so we sang our "Divine Love" program which contains three of our most requested pieces:  "Village Wedding,"  "Past Life Melodies" and "Ich bin der welt abhanden gekommen."   Audiences are also appreciating the Jan Sandstrom piece we debuted last Christmas.

In Germany and Austria many in our audiences seemed to know us well from prior tours and radio broadcasts and recording.  Here in Italy we had the impression of more newcomers.  Since the cathedral discourages applause between numbers, it was hard to tell as we went along how the audience was doing.  Their reaction at the end revealed that they were highly enthusiastic, as did their presence at the CD stand, where a new record was set.

Our appearances in Italy are somewhat rare, but always rewarding.  We're glad that we'll be back in Italy twice during our winter tour.  Now, we take off over the Alps for France.