An unusual evening tonight in Bremen.  We were invited for our debut in  the Bremen Music Festival to be part of "Eine Grosse Nachtmusik" - the night which starts the festival.  Eight groups gave 45 minute  performances at 7pm, 9pm, and 10.30pm - i.e. three performances each, creating a big choice for the public who could see three very different groups in one evening.  Besides us, the classical attractions were the Seoul Philharmonic with Myun-Whun Chung, the Bach Collegium Japan with Masaaki Suziki, Spark and Il Complesso Barocco with Alan Curtis. There was also tango and jazz.

The Unser Lieben Frauen Kirche is the oldest parish church in Bremen, having been begun in the 12th century. It's the church you can see in the picture above.

More times than not in Germany, our concerts have been recorded for subsequent broadcast, so warm up involves dealing with that as well as the usual things.

Eric did his last interview in German for this tour.

We were presented with sunflowers after each of the three performances

All three audiences were very appreciative - there seemed ( from the comments at the CD table) to be more newcomers here than we usually have in Germany.  

Meanwhile outside, the light show illuminating the beautiful old buildings and the outdoor festivities were underway as we went off to the reception for the artists who had performed this evening.