A hot evening in many respects.  It was 90 degrees or so in Aix les Bains, and not much less after we had made our 45 minute trip up to Le Chatelard

Capacity house - people were waiting for places.  Since it was open seating, many of those with tickets arrived two hours early to make sure to get up front.

We appeared here in 2008 on our first trip here to the Haut Savoie region of France and it was sort of love at first sight between us and the public and this beautiful part of France, next to the Parc Naturel du Massif des Bauges. We were in Faverges in 2009, missed 2010 ( we weren't in Europe last summer) and this was our return.  Lots of people coming back, and the same intense enthusiasm we have experienced before.  The acoustic of this interesting l9th century church is very reverberant until the people arrive, then it's quite wonderful and we had a good concert.

That's Switzerland in the distance.

Musique et Nature en Bauges is one of the festivals which is run entirely by volunteers - 13 concerts in July and August - this was the 13th season, and we were the final concert, as we had been in 2008.  The volunteers gave us a dinner after concert, featuring that famous local cheese, Tome des Bauges