We're always happy when we can fit conferences of music educators into our schedule. We have no ACDA appearances this year, but we were invited to the Eastern Division of the National Association for Music Education, held in Hartford, Connecticut. All of us owe these teachers so much, and it's good to spend some time with them. Usually there are people we have known, sometimes people who have been very important to us. Walking into the room where we gave a noontime interest session on the subject of how we decide where we stand, and why ( one of our most FAQ's) Jace laid eyes on Henry Leck, director of the Indianapolis Children's Choir, who was responsible for Jace's most formative musical experience. Our evening performance - held in the hotel ballroom, where we needed to be amplified- was jammed with teachers and students who reacted to everything as if it were "Temptation." After a very vigorous standing ovation at the end of the first half, we wondered if they would have anything left for Mr. Wait's song - of course they did. Very nice to get such a thunderous reaction from musicians.