We drove 4 and something hours to Nanjing where it's raining. It's clear though that it's a beautiful and interesting city. Casey and Co. managed a Buddhist Temple between things. We had thought that the gig basically was that the show from Shanghai would be exported here. As we arrived the information leaked out that this is all, it seems, about a TV production for which we are now extensively rehearsing, in the Great Hall of the People. This last is right next door to our very very nice hotel. Make that three very's. The Slovaks, Finns, Maoris, and South Koreans have come and are doing their songs, interspersed with groups from around here. Production values are high.Our rendition of Shenandoah was illustrated with pictures of Yosemite and other American scenic spots, and Somebody to Love so far is illustrated with pink petals. We are followed by the spiffily attired in white l00 man strong, incredibly loud, unit from the Police who do a 20 minute set. They are followed by the Patea Maori Club from Taranaki, New Zealand. As we were released from rehearsal the Finns were still waiting their turn.