Vince Peterson is not yet an old friend like Chen Yi and Michael McGlynn ( and ALMOST old friend Mason Bates,) but he's already given us a new signature in pop music. His arrangement of Erika Lloyd's "Cells Planets" is now one of our national anthems among the younger set who sing it from our Hinshaw Chanticleer Series published scores. It's LAB Choir's favorite tune. (The other national anthems, as you probably know, are Biebl's "Ave Maria" and Shenandoah - both often sited as 'most favorite.') If you want to nominate something else, write in! Vince followed "Cells Planets" up with Freddy Mercury/Queens' "Somebody to Love" which was a hit all over the U.S. and Europe in last year's "Love Story" program, and continues to be heard. We'll be singing Temptation later this afternoon at the SF Conservatory. Now we have yet another change of pace with "Temptation" which is just sultry. So thanks to Vince for his contribution to our anniversary program.


Vince is the Director of New York's Choral Chamelion, and you can find out all about him at