Go on over to our digital storefront!!! We've just put up the studio recorded singles of Vince Peterson's arrangement of  Erika Lloyd's "Cells Planets," and Mason Bates' "Stelle" and "Observer in the Magellanic Cloud."   These three tracks will also soon be available on our "Highlights from Out of this World"  CD.

Posted also for download  are the albums  "A Chanticleer Christmas" and the next in our Chanticleer Live in Concert series, from 2002,  "Between two Wars; the Art of the Comedian Harmonists."

We hope you're going to enjoy all the new music we're going to be putting up on the site for you. Purchasing our music from us will be very helpful in keeping us singing and recording. Sharing files will NOT help us.  We have to say it, and you know what we mean.  We'd like you to think about keeping the artists you love making music by paying a fair price for it...we will really appreciate it!

If you want to buy CD's the traditional way, look for the Yalies ( Adam and Casey) at the CD stand somewhere near you soon!  They will have "A Chanticleer Christmas," "Between Two Wars: a tribute to the Comedian Harmonists,"  AND Highlights from "Out of this World."  They're looking forward to seeing you!

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