Last night we returned to Saint Ignatius Loyola on the Upper East Side of New York for our first of two concerts - our new New York tradition. There were many familiar faces in the audiences and the people at St. Ignatius are very welcoming. We're recording there for public radio again tomorrow so you should hear that soon. Tonight we took a bus through the rain to Christ and Holy Trinity Church in Westport, Connecticut - a lovely and intimate church where we've been going on and off for quite a while. We're not sure how they got all those people in here, but it was completely packed and the audience - like that at St. Ignatius - loved the program. The new pieces we commissioned from Swedish composer Fredrik Sixten (pictured below with us in Sweden in October) are getting a very good response indeed. The choir from Staples High School serenaded the incoming audience outside. We've worked with them at our youth choral festivals in Darien, Connecticut, and in March they'll be coming to our National Youth Choral Festival in San Francisco. We look forward to seeing them in San Francisco and salute them for keeping on singing in the cold and the rain tonight. You know by now that Marques comes from Connecticut and always has a large crowd come to see him. He had lots of people tonight, but most importantly, his mother.