After a really nice evening in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, we made our way home on Saturday to recharge and rehearse for a few days before heading back out to a series of dates in and around New York, New England, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Aside from recharging and rehearsing, the big event of this week is our day-long Youth Choral Festival for Bay Area High Schools.  This year Albany, Davis, Lowell, Montgomery and Palo Alto will join us with a total of 237 students for warm-up, tutti rehearsal, clinics ( each choir with 2 members of Chanticleer) and a concert to end the day.  It's usually exhausting and exhilarating, both.

Ben Johns, Education Director is doing workshops at Davis High School and Acalanes High school today, having spent Saturday with LAB 9, preparing for upcoming performances.  LAB 9 will be joining us on Friday for the Youth Choral Festival.  It's always very helpful to have them there.

LAB rehearses on our premises on Saturdays for about 8 hours, usually with up to 25 participants.  LAB 9 is a smaller Chanticleer sized group.