After a wonderful day on Friday at our Middle School Youth Choral Festival in San Francisco, we suddenly found ourselves on Sunday in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of us comes from here. Do you know which one? Even the chilly weather couldn't keep the midwesterners off the basketball court. Gabe was apparently so excited to be back in the midwest and so close to Kansas where HE comes from, that, in his capacity as the opening speech giver, he told the audience in Holland Hall at the Walker Arts Center in TULSA how happy we were to be in Omaha! They forgave us...

At about this point on the tour, we start rotating in new repertoire to the second half of the program. Pretty soon, though, it will be all Christmas, all the time, and we're getting some of that up and running during our warmups as well.

And the answer is...Adam, whose appearance in Tulsa was greeted by many friends and family, his childhood music teacher and, of course, his parents! This pre-Christmas tour is not so long, nevertheless it takes in six states. Tomorrow, Fayetteville, Arkansas for a masterclass and a concert.

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