St. Ignatius in San Francisco, where Chanticleer has sung Christmas for so many years, is always like a homecoming for us.  It's also a big operation - there are 1700 seats which we mostly sell out, very little parking, one bathroom, and a tiny "lobby."  Lots of people do lots of things to make it work, and it always works, spectacularly once the audience is tucked inside.

It's a big San Francisco tradition which had one new element last night.  Members of our Louis A. Botto ( LAB) Choir have been volunteering for our performances in a number of functions(ticket takers, program stuffers, etc.)  Last night they added  tweeting, as we tried out our version of "Tweet Seats" - seats offered to the public from which narrating the concert by tweets are allowed.  We wanted to do our own pilot of this idea, so three LAB members, plus Ben went up into the second balcony to try it out.

You can see it on our Twitter feed - retweets happened!!!  We'll no doubt be doing it again.

We have the maximum number of our great volunteer ushers in St. Ignatius, here stuffing programs.  Thanks to them as always!

While we figure out our movements around this fairly vast space - which have to be carefully timed

and the ushers were working on the program, the LAB kids were suiting up for their various duties - thanks to them also for their help all throughout this Christmas season

We try and we try to discourage people from stamping their approval on the ancient floors of St. Ignatius, but we usually fail.  Our arrival on the stage for the gospel medley by way of a caroling stroll through the church was greeted with the huge and warm approval which roars at us  from longtime friends, family and fans.

It's always good to be back in the Mother Ship.  After a few more concerts around the Bay Area this week, we'll be back in St. Ignatius next Friday night the 23rd for our final Christmas concert of 2012.