There are many wonderful sights and sounds on our Christmas journey, but we have to admit that Christmas really starts for us - as it has for 20 years now- in the Medieval Sculpture Court at the Metropolitan Museum in New York.  It's always a thrill to come in from the excitement of 5th Avenue more often than not in the rain...

to the warmth and grandeur of the museum, where these hardy souls were starting a line for the 6.30pm show - at 4.30pm!  Today the early arrivals included a couple from Brazil who had made us the centerpiece of their trip to New York and told us that we have many fans in Brazil and should tour there.  Sounds like a good idea - but we digress...

The Met is where we do the shorter version of our Christmas concert for the first time, so we have to be sure that our folders contain the right things.

For the last few years we have done three nights at the Met, with two concerts each night.  This year for various scheduling reasons, there are two nights which all those people have to be squeezed into.  It was packed!!   This was our first time singing the new Jan Sandstrom piece ( which we've put up for download) in the acoustic for which it was imagined. 

We always rehearse from about 5pm, as the audience waits in line outside, and enjoy being alone with all this art - and the famous Christmas tree- in this fabulous room.


Tomorrow night we'll do this again, then on Thursday we'll tape for TODAY.  We hope you'll follow along as we sing our way across the country and up and down the California Coast.