The Carmel Mission was founded in 1770 - so, the earliest so far on this tour. It is still a parish church and is the only California mission to have its original bell tower. It is also holds a very special place in our lives for the perfect intimacy of the acoustic, our long history there, and our annual Christmas concerts which are always a highlight of that season. ( This year they'll be at 6 and 8.30 on December 21.Usually sold out, so book now!) The lovely courtyard garden of the Carmel offers people a tranquil passage on their way into the sanctuary, and was a perfect setting for LAB, which gathered a very appreciative audience. While we rehearsed inside, they started by singing to the people waiting outside the locked gate, sang the first arrivals in, and then established themselves mid-way between the gate and the church to enthusiastic applause. We thank them for all the driving and singing they've been doing as part of this special LAB session, 6.5.

We felt our usual bond with our faithful audience here who seemed to love the music of Salazar and Sumaya.