It's almost unheard of to have 5 nights and 4 days in one place on a tour. Aosta being at the top of this tour, and with three days of events, we were lucky to have been here all this week. Aosta has a lot to recommend it - the neighboring ski area - which some of us visited, although we didn't ski ( of course), the Roman ruins, the many restaurants offering local specialties like polenta and risotto and lots of things covered with melted cheese.


Tonight's concert was in the Teatro Giacosa - a re-done movie theater ( like the one we will be at in Siegen on Sunday night.) Another treat is that it is a minute up the street from our hotel - the last building on the left here.


Because we had done "Love Story" close by and many audience members came to both concerts we did our "Divine Love" program here - a stately and serious concert of sacred music about which the people were very appreciative, despite the fact that we weren't in a church. Our concert was preceded by 5 numbers from the Aosta region sung by the all-male Coro Verres. They sounded really good and the songs were a lot of fun to hear -in French and Italian and combinations thereof.


We will be sorry to leave Italy tomorrow, but we'll be back, to the Selva Valley in the Dolomites in three weeks. Next week it's Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.