We've just finished dress rehearsing our concert "What do you think I fought for?"  which has all kinds of technical complexity that we don't usually have and will also hopefully create a fascinating through process in our audiences.  Video clips+ lead us through the program, and then there's DW Griffith's 16 minute silent "Leatherstocking" to which we are adding the first soundtrack ever!  The program will be very dramatic at its first venue, in the Koret Auditorium at the DeYoung Museum. Koret is a black box, which adds to the intensity of the subject matter.

Perhaps the most difficult thing about the film score is the need to be more robotic than human, in order to keep the music with the film.  In any case we don't see the film;  Elena Sharkova has the click track in her ears ( unless she tears off the earphones) and also the film in front of her. Her job is the most nerve-wracking, no doubt.  

Tomorrow ( Saturday) night, we will have composers Shawn Crouch, Brent Michael Davids, and Melissa Dunphy with us.  That's a lot of prize winners in one room!