The bleak mid-winter in coastal California means rainstorms - actually, if we're lucky because we need the rain and we're supposed to get a year's supply all at this time of year. Apparently we're just starting a week of stormy weather.  Which  means more time to get across the Bay Bridge but also means that First Congo in Berkeley seemed even warmer and snugger than usual!

There was a packed and friendly house with  lots of old friends to see. Our local radio station KDFC has done very well by us this Christmas - we've noticed a lot of first timers in the audience, especially here in Berkeley. At this point, after so many Bay Area Christmases, we can tell!  

This Christmas, Eric and his wife and daughter will go as far as Sea Ranch - a beautiful and tranquil spot on the coast ( you don't go there for the night life..) a few hours north of us- but will mainly be staying at home in San Francisco. They're looking forward to a restful time with Eric cooking everybody dinner, and Mia getting to play with her parents all day ( and vice versa.)  No rushing off to Germany or Colorado or Southern California this time!