It's a well known fact that we love to come to Portland for the many enticements of the city, the food, the rain, the people, the food.And for the audience at Reed College where we are very lucky to be asked to perform every year by Friends of Chamber Music. Our Portland friends are probably the only ones to get the concert off to a roiling start by going bonkers over Hildegarde von Bingen. And it's all up from there. This was the first outing for She Said/He Said since we sang it in Europe. We arrived in Portland yesterday for a party of friends and supporters organized by our Portland Trustee Steve Griffith. Bay Area based Trustee Ann Yvonne Walker was also there. Always nice to see our Board members on the road. Earlier today we went out to Pacific University for a masterclass with 5 members of a male a cappella group called Splendid Audacity.