Our spring visit to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art to sing "Out of this World" began with the merch guys ( Adam and Casey, assisted by Brian) dragging those cases up the stairs of the museum followed by setting up the tables amidst the Egyptiana on the way to the Temple of Dendur.


Followed by warmup.  Rain ran gently down the windows.

Last fall an as yet unnamed chicken escaped from the Axtell's basement, attached herself to Gregory, and now goes everywhere with us.  She looked quite at home amidst the antiquities.

It was fun to sing "Cells Planets" in New York because Erika Lloyd, its composer, and Vince Peterson, its arranger came to hear it!  The audience loved it as usual; we were glad Erika and Vince got to be part of it.  

Vince's group Choral Chameleon ( in which Erika sings) gave us a champagne reception right across the street from the Met where we met a lot of their singers and board members. Very nice of them!

Tomorrow Princeton.