At this moment every room here at the Kanbar Center is humming with activity - plus the gym at the French American school next door.  Ragnar is giving a seminar for the visiting choir directors, using LAB as the lab choir.  That's where LAB started, 5 years ago, at the first National, as the laboratory choir for the directors' seminar.  That was LAB I.  The group which is participating this time is LAB XIII and we're very proud of that.  Sectionals are currently ongoing, led by corresponding members of our sections.  Shortly Darita will be giving a session on the countertenor voice, which required a sign up , and 'sold out' immediately.  Ragnar will work with the Honors Choir, and Ben will give a session called The Chanticleer Aesthetic.  Meanwhile we will be giving the breakout sessions which are always a feature of our youth choral festivals - each choir gets a team of 3 Chanticleer members to work on the rep they brought.
And that's only half the day.  Later on we'll all rehearse with Dolora Zajick...  then we'll do it all again tomorrow!
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