Saturday's performance at Spivey will be dedicated to the memory of our friend Dotty Davis, of Atlanta ( and the world.) As the story goes, Wilkes and Dotty Davis came to their first Chanticleer performance in Atlanta about ten years ago. Matt Oltman appeared on stage in white tie and sunglasses, explaining to the curious audience that he had an eye problem and asked, only partly in jest, if there were an opthalmologist in the house. Dotty came backstage after the concert to tell him that her husband Wilkes was the best opthalmologist in Georgia. Off they went at 11pm to Wilkes' office, followed by dinner, and an enduring Chanticleer friendship was born. Wilkes and Dotty turned up all over the place - in San Francisco, Atlanta, Florida, and Verbier and Wilkes is keeping up the tradition. We'll always remember our Dotty - to us "the Queen of Sheba" ( a nickname she happily adopted) and what a dear friend she was.

Wilkes and Matt after the concert.