Those of you following us on social media will know that last week saw the unprecedent ( in all our 37 years)  cancellation of two concerts.  Enough of us were unwell enough so that we couldn't sing in Cincinatti or Harrod's Creek.  We truly regret that our wonderful presenters and audiences had to be disappointed.  Everybody concentrated on getting well and we performed in Lancasty, KY on Monday  night then came on to Portland, Oregon, where last night we performed at a party for present and future friends of Chanticleer, and a contingent of high school students, at a very beautiful house.  When we learn that we have 3 days in Portland, and that our free day falls here, we're not unhappy!   Food trucks, beautiful destinations, nearby - all that will help our recovery.  Friday night we will perform, as we do annually, at Kaul Auditorium at Reed College for the Friends of Chamber Music.  Earlier that day we'll do a workshop at Tigard High School.