A travel-sing day.  A three hour bus ride allowed time for Alan and Ben to watch "An American in Paris" and we arrived smoothly in Wiesbaden where we'll spend one night.

Eric's in-laws - the parents and godmother of his wife - met us at the hotel

Eric then had to tear himself away to be our German speaker for a radio interview/documentary which will accompany the broadcast of this concert.

This, our first concert for the Rheingau Musik Festival, was at the Kloster Eberbach.  We we had looked forward to seeing it-  it's where the movie The Name of the Rose was filmed and is very impressive.

Our concert was in what used to be a dormitory in the Cloister. It seats about 550 people, which is how many people came.

Kind of a wild sensation for us, since most people were to the sides and there was a signficant and amazing reverb of several seconds.   The first whooping broke out after  Durufle's Ubi Caritas, then it pretty much kept up. German audiences seem to be really appreciating the new Sametz and Paulus pieces we're singing.   Our last number in the program "Blues in the Night"  was warmly receieved, and we were all presented with bottles of the local wine, said to be the best Riesling in Germany.  For an encore we did Vince Peterson's new arrangement of Freddy Mercury's "Somebody to Love"  a song everybody seems to know- we can see them mouthing the words!.

Big day on the bus tomorrow going to Austria.

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