The slight delay of this post (for those of you following that closely) was because we arrived in Riga yesterday afternoon at 3pm after our 5am departure from Brussels to find that we couldn't get wi-fi in our hotel - except for Cortez for some reason. Furthermore, we could have no incoming phone calls. Of all the amenities which make this much travel do-able, the ability to communicate is probably at the top. There was also a sign saying that there was temporarily no TV, although some do have it - in a variety of foreign languages. This is secondary to the internet, however, as we had all looked forward to this 4 night stop in Riga and the weekend,and the day off today, to call and write and skype. Gregory last night upon our arrival had very intrepidly gone out to research what we had begun to hear - which was that Mac's were just n/a in Riga. ( Cortez has a PC.) He went to a MacDonalds advertising wi-fi, where they said - no Macs. He went to a grotty cyber cafe which he could not recommend. All of this in the evening after a big travel day - that's how determined he was. This post was - a few hours ago, the morning after- going to be an alert from some yet-to-be-found cybercafe that we were out of communication. We have solved the problem, however, by renting a room in a nearby hotel with a few more stars, where the wireless runs effortlessly, AND on our Macs. A slightly more expensive than usual cyber cafe... So, things are looking up, and all of you who were expecting calls and skyping and the blog, stand by!