Sometimes it seems that somebody is looking out for us.  Like on this last winter's tour in Europe when we were a day ahead or a day behind several serious snowstorms which would have prevented us from getting to concerts. We could easily have been touring in the upper Midwest this week ( best wishes to all our friends there), but we've been in the sunshine in Texas.  The welcome in Texas always makes us hope we'll be back soon.  It was a very balmy (90 degrees) evening in Kingwood at the United Methodist Church - our first time there, but everybody seemed to know us already.

Really nice audience, including lots of students from Kingwood High School where Matt Oltman had given a class in the afternoon.  THEN, the CD table was totally wild, and we had a record-breaking evening.  As everywhere so far, the new Christmas album and the "Out of this World" highlights are the best-sellers.

Today we drove the 3 or so hours down to San Marcos for our first appearance at Texas State University.  It's a big music department and a choral part of the country, and we had been looking forward to discovering another Texas destination.   Matt Oltman had a very good time in the afternoon working with the University Singers ( Jonathan Babcock, director) on Monteverdi's Sfogava con le stelle ( which is on our program) and the Madrigal Singers on Jackson Hill's "Voice of Autumn" a piece very familiar to us.

Many of these singers were at our concert, which seemed to get a bigger crowd than expected - they had to open the balcony.

A really great and obviously very tuned in audience and a nice hall.

Day off tomorrow in Houston then on to Lubbock where we'll have a concert Sunday.  Matt will work with the Madrigal Singers of Texas Tech before the concert, and on Monday we will all participate in a master class with the University Choir.  Then we'll bid a fond farewell to Texas, and move on to North Carolina.